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    Post by Zilo on Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:25 am

    Artificial souls (義魂, gikon), as the name suggests, are souls designed by Shinigami scientists to separate a Shinigami's spirit from a Gigai, should they be inhabiting one, or to evict stubborn spirits from their corpses if necessary. Artificial souls are used by ingesting a gikongan (義魂丸, Artificial Soul Pill) which forces the soul out of the body and takes control of it, operating in a pre-programmed manner until removed by the Shinigami. It is commonly called Soul Candy, as the Shinigami Women's Association complained that the name gikongan wasn't cute and had it changed.[1] To fit with the more informal name, Soul Candy is contained in PEZ-like dispensers with cartoon characters on top. The souls themselves apparently have personalities to match the cartoon character in question; for example, Rukia Kuchiki's favorite version, Chappy the Rabbit, is a hyperactive character that tries to restrain Ichigo when given control of Rukia's Gigai and even speaks in a cutesy baby talk manner. While Captain Tōshirō advanced squad is in the real world, their artificial souls were specially designed by Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi, unfortunately for them, these artificial souls where specially designed to be strange and completely contradictory to their personalities. It is revealed at the end of the omake in Volume 25 that Yachiru's plan was to take candid photos of these Shinigami while the substitute souls inhabited them, and to sell the photos. [2]

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